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Nov 24, 2009 7:00pm EST
warming. "goings rogue." can sarah palin'sublican star credentials beat obama in 2010? fasten your seat belts "the kudlow report" starts right now. >>> good evening. larry is off tonight. good news, hour, out of the housing cheryl, the case-shillor index shows that home prices are up for a sixth straight month. >>> it's a triple dose of housing data. home prices nationwide improved 3.1% in the third quart they are year from the previous quarter, but are still down 8.9% from a year ago. top ten and 20 markets, while still in the negative continue to improve month to month. the ffhfa home price report shows prices rose just 0.2% and are down .8% year over year. and an interesting report from first american core logic, shows 23% of all borrowers owe more than their homes are worth. call that underwater or upside down on your mortgage. 40% of borrowers who took out a loan in 2006 or at the peak are underwater, no shock there. and negative home equity is concentrated in five states. if you're underwater on your loan, you can't move, whether you want to or not, so it takes mobility out of the
Nov 20, 2009 7:00pm EST
level clerk in the obama press office. haven't heard from president obama defending geithner yet. and the staff director, rahm emanuel who would love to have geithner's job and called him 105 times earlier this year to tell geithner what to do. emanuel would love to take that position. the silence from the white house is deafening. let's do a little pro and con on the tim geithner story. here we have former gsa administrator. we have rueter's money and politics columnist and blogger. we have our friend mark walsh, host of the sirius radio show "left jab." we also have "the wall street journal's" steve moore, co-author of "the end of prosperity." mark, there's so much here that i really love. i want to start with this thought. mr. geithner is claiming credit to the success that the financial system has improved. and i agree, the financial system has improved markedly. but here's what i don't get, mark. what did geithner have to do with that? the heavy lifting, all the t.a.r.p. money was done in the fourth quarter of last year under george bush and henry paulson. the first trillion
Nov 23, 2009 7:00pm EST
secretaries will debate on the show. >>> plus, what's the real cost of obama care? and more importantly, how do we pay for it? republican senator kit vaughn will weigh in the next 60 minutes. >>> and the emerging rift between democrats on how to get america back to work. the question is, can we afford another job spill? fasten your seatbelts. "the kudlow report" starts right no now. >>> good evening. i'm simon hobs. larry kudlow has the night off. not one but two fed presidents leave the market no doubt america's central bangles will be the last to tighten the policy stocks rally 132 points to close at a high for 2009. gold is higher with another record. and that is while existing homes sell at the fastest rate in over two years. here's the rundown on today's market action. scott has a full report. >> reporter: it was the dollar driving the direction of gold. at one point at 11.70 an ounce. it pulled back a bit but all of the metals on the back of the weak dollar had a stellar day. silver, platinum and copper hitting new highs today. other commodities doing quite pell as well. oil and energy
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3